Geeta Ashram

In the year 1990, the soil of Lagos was blessed indeed as for the first time, Pujya Gurudev stepped onto this land and walked straight into our hearts. Mr. and Mrs. Lakhi Melwani were then his gracious hosts. Wasting no time to sow the seed of Geeta Ashram, Lagos, Guruji chose eighteen members for its management committee. Guruji explained in detail the message of Bhagwad Geeta.He started with the twelfth chapter ‘Bhakti Yog’. He taught us how to read the Sanskirt Shlokas, how to perform Havan and recite Geeta and Krishan Artis. Later for over a year, each committee member would host Geeta Satsang in their house once a month until 1992, when we found a lovely location at Dakar Road, Apapa, to officially establish Geeta Ashram, Nigeria.
Plot 12, Block 55, Grace Anjos Drive, Lekki Peninsula Phase 1,, Lagos, , , Nigeria