The Rajasthan Association of North America

Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA) was formed with the mission of preserving and promoting Rajasthani culture, values, heritage and traditions. RANA wants to instill these values in the current and future generations by exposing them to our long and deeply rooted values and heritage.RANA’s chief purpose is to preserve and promote the Rajasthani culture and heritage in North America. RANA promotes our rich culture by hosting acclaimed artists and celebrating traditional festivals regularly. It also brings together Rajasthanis on a single platform for performing charitable activities in the areas of education, healthcare and social welfare; contributing to Rajasthan by promoting economic and industrial development; creating a bond between Rajasthan (the state) and Rajasthanis living in North America.
48369 Purpleleaf St, Fremont, 94539, CA, USA