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I cannot believe their staff could treat a customer like this, overcharged my credit card and cancel my appointment in less than an hour on the day of the appointment! Most horrible service I've never receive in my life. They overcharged my credit card for $120 when they said they will only authorize $69. I called and they said they will cancel the $120 authorization but it takes 2-3 days for the hold on my credit card to be released. Then they ask for another authorization before the previous one is reversed to my credit card. I refused, and explained to them that it is not fair for them to authorize my card again before the previous overcharge credit is reversed. (which is their mistake). They changed my reservation to a "walk in" and told me that they still have my appointment on the system and will make a note and make sure I have my appointment set. On the appointment day, they email me and cancell my appointment in less than an hour!! Horrible people!

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