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Charge $s for sweet talk
Quality - All Indian Marts source their supply chains from same companies so quality is more or less same across more or less all of them.
Cleanliness - Clean enough - Meat section is also clean
Prices - I bought an Ice cream tub for $9 and same ice cream was available for $7 at other Indian Mart so you can stay assured that you will be paying more for atleast 50% of the stuff u buy from here..
Customer Service - Speaks very nicely and will lie to you on face. You ask Samosas are hot , he will say " Oh Ya straight out of kadai" and then when you take them home and open the packet, you will find them from yesterday...

Additional comment - There is no way of finding prices before and after purchase. He doesn't use price labels on stuff he sells and doesn't list them on receipt either... he is a cheat beware !!!

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