Hari World Travels Featured

Since opening our doors in Toronto, Canada, in 1968 and
operating on a platform of service, reliability and integrity Hari World Travel
has quietly grown to be one of the premier Consolidators in North America. Our
initial mission was to address the needs of a growing Indian population and our
operation was primarily retail. Ever alert to a changing industry and developing
distribution channels Hari World was eager to accept the challenge when we
became one of the agencies selected to be the prototype of a relatively new
concept called consolidation. Through our six offices - New York, Chicago,
Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Delhi - Hari World and the 3,500 plus
sub-agents it services and other initiatives, will generate close to $100
million in annual Airline sales. While Wholesale activity continues to be the
dominant source of sales our Retail division, thanks to aggressive penetration
and development of the corporate market, is consistently registering year over
year growth.
While India and the Indian market segment continue to be our
primary source of revenue. Hari World, early on in the game, was very quick to
recognize that in order not only to survive but to flourish, would have to be
more than just another Indian Consolidator. Consequently we have structured our
future on a commitment to a program of managed growth, creative relationships
and product diversification. The prevailing conditions in today's market place
with zero commissions, shrinking agency base and the Airlines continued romance
with the Internet has created a niche that we hope to aggressively fill.
We are currently in the process of launching a state of the art
Website through which we hope to generate greater efficiencies to our operation.
The Website will represent a premier solution for product distribution and
reservation processing that will present our product consistently to a wider
spectrum of users. By consolidating all contractual information to one database
we will be able to reduce the high cost associated with multiple data input. The
site will also provide an Internet based solution to Travel Agents allowing them
to complete their transactions independently. This initiative will also allow us
to launch a private label Internet solution targeted toward the consumer so that
we can exploit a new revenue stream and in the process reap higher margin
transactions by developing our Retail potential.
5255 Mowry Avenue, Suite C, Fremont, 94538, CA, USA
510 795 5000