Tranzzit Travels

Times change, people change, technology changes, and so has the common traveler.
We at Tranzzit are making an effort to provide this new traveler with new means
to explore the world of Travel, even before the journey begins.
Tranzzit, based in Fremont, CA, USA – the heart of Silicon Valley - is a
fresh, new and budding startup company. We are dedicated to providing travel
services like never attempted before; taking travel to a whole new level. We
strive hard to provide best possible services to all our customers. Our vision
is to provide a dynamic travel solution for today’s information rich traveler.
What you are looking at is not just a mere travel agency that provides
tickets from point A to point B. Tranzzit is a portal, a movement in itself.
Here at Tranzzit, your voyage begins much before your date of departure and
doesn’t just end after your return home. As they say, “Life itself is a
Journey”. Make us a part of your Journey.
3890 Lake Woodland Common, Fremont, 94555, CA, USA
(510) 493-7919