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Dhadkan Instyle Fashion of Bollywood

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Dr Mrs
I was in Mumbai few week ago. I found out my saree displayed in Indias most exclusive shop Millioners mumbai. Went in got the price and found out my saree was $103 cheaper in Dhadkan then in india. Atleaset first indian shop in westfield .We should thank owners for bringing high fashion to sydney .Keep it up

Dhadkan instyle !! Stop ripping off people. Time has gone when traders were the only ones who had access to manufacturer's. Guys check out Mehetab's ( opp. Dhadkan) same stuff... Extremely cheap...

mens collection westfield
Went around Liverpool ended up at Dhadkan Wwestfield. Men's collection very exclusive price compared to India and website cheaper,quality excellent.I would say best quality in Australia.Keep it up

I found cloths are far too expensive compared to other stores. I mean same quality

I went to shop around the Liverpool area last Saturday and found out this was the only indian shop which was totally ripping off people.$500 saree in other shops.... Exactly same stuff here is $2500.

Very professional customized service by the store staffs, the best Indian store in Liverpool, well trained Store staffs will try to fulfill your requirements at all time. will highly recommend this store for your exclusive outstanding looking outfits.

I bought a Saree for my wife last diwali, was told it was a designer pcs for AU$2300.00. I was also told that I can not find this pcs anywhere. We went to India to visit families earlier this year and found excetly same Saree in link road Mumbai for AU$350.00. We even took that Saree to that place to prove that the information I was given was right. But na.... Everything was identically same... Except the price.

i would like to refer to the comments made by the owner of dhadkan about suing someone. firstly its never easy to take comments that are incorrect. i have been to your shop and have found the service great and prices are reasonable. gone are the days where shop owners used to take advantage of shoppers because they were the only indian store. I suppose you need to take the good with the bad. people will always have an opinion. sometimes people expect things for free and forget that you are running a might be the other shop owners who are in competition with you. take it easy

I second Kalpana's review!!!!!!
Customer service- Extremely poor
Quality- Average

Dhadkan Instyle
Best Indian Clothing Shop in Australia. Excellent quality and good service.

i went in the store about 4 months ago service was so poor however clothing range is good although would not be wearing it in just a occasions prices wise i found it too much compared to other stores items. I would not recommend if you are someone in budget or do not want to be ripped off
Owner's reply

Kalpana Iam the owner of Dhadkan Instyle Sydney australia. By your blessing I Have opened another Indian shop at Westfield. Liverpool.If you think Iam sellong 199 dollars for 1,000 or ten thousand dollars please come and prove it or please take this comment away from videsh com or I will sue you'

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