Maharani Featured

Maharani is a poetic word for “Empress” and for millions of Indians it signifies the loved one, the sweetheart, or someone close to the heart. The creation and success of this beautiful restaurant is a tribute to women the world over, who have made our lives richer, more beautiful, wholesome and balanced. We are committed to bringing you the finest and freshest meals, in a beautiful Indian palace surrounding, accompanied by personalized service. We hope while you dine here you will savor many "Rasas” that satisfy your body, mind and soul. If you aren’t a regular customer yet, it is our intent that you will soon be one, a case of love at first bite.Le Pacha 1901 is one of Cairo's landmark dining and entertainment venues. Originally a paddle boat from the turn of the century, Le Pacha was transformed into a nostalgic and magical place that celebrates a glorious era long gone but not forgotten. Moored along the banks of the Nile along the Gezira Island, the boat features 10 restaurants and 2 function rooms that offer delicious international cuisines, impeccable service and spectacular views of the Nile. Le Pacha has also earned a stellar reputation for it's efficient and tailored catering department and a home delivery menu that conveniently brings Le Pacha's favorite dishes to your doorstep.   
Saray El Gezirah Street, Cairo, , , Egypt
202 2735 6730